Wired Magazine Senior Editor Peter Rubin to Speak at B.I.G Summit

The Business Innovation and Growth Summit (B.I.G) is pleased to announce that Peter Rubin has been added to the lineup of speakers at The Business Innovation and Growth (B.I.G.) Summit. Peter Rubin is a Senior Editor at Wired Magazine, overseeing Wired‘s pop culture and entertainment coverage. In June, Mr. Rubin wrote the definitive manifesto featuring Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, which ushered in a new era in the awareness of Virtual Reality as the next computing and communications platform.

Mr. Rubin will join other authorities to discuss the impending effect of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Interactive Entertainment on our business.

Virtual Reality is going to have a monumental impact on our world. It has been years in the making, but were now on the cusp of consumer VR being a truly transformative technology with the potential to change everything: entertainment, fitness, education, medicine, social media and much, much more,said Peter Rubin. I am honored to be speaking at the B.I.G. Summit and look forward to sharing my thoughts on the industry and meeting pioneers and experts in the space.

“Peter Rubin is a fantastic addition to The B.I.G. Summit, continuing our tradition of attracting people and companies on the forefront of game changing technologies and this year is looking to be particularly exciting. The momentum is growing for Virtual Reality and we are thrilled to be molding and leading the conversation on transitioning business, entertainment and media from Web 2.0 to the 3D Virtual World.” stated Mary Spio, Executive Producer of The B.I.G Summit.


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