Bob Allen – Chief Storytelling Officer and Principal Executive, IDEAS

Bob Allen is Chief Storytelling Officer and Principal Executive of IDEAS, a multi-million dollar company dedicated to helping organizations create and communicate their story to their employees, clients and guests, via multiple platforms ranging from digital media, entertainment, learning, and film.

Bob Allen Disney Ideas

Bob Allen Disney Ideas

Bob began his career in the entertainment industry as a musician at the age of 16. After graduating from college, he spent 26 years with the Walt Disney Company, creating live-entertainment, theme-park experiences, learning programs and media. In 1991, he became Vice President of Disney Production Services, Inc., where he was responsible for all facilities and services at the Disney-MGM Studios as well as the operation of Disney IDEAS (Innovation, Design, Entertainment, Art and Storytelling), a full service Integrated Creative Content Studio.

In July of 2001, he formed Integrity Arts and Technology Inc., and completed a management buyout of IDEAS. The buyout allowed IDEAS to retain Disney as a client while broadening its market scope and facilitating the creation of original story-based content for converged media uses. Today, IDEAS uses the power of purposeful storytelling and “design thinking” to create brands, produce media, transform organizational culture and design and enhance immersive experiences in the location-based entertainment, hospitality and healthcare industries.


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