Noah Graj is an avid bird photographer and 18 year veteran of Graj +Gustavsen Inc, participating in every aspect of the company from research to strategy. After studying Integrated Marketing Communications, and always having a passion for forecasting, Noah naturally landed in the area of Business Development and New Ventures for Graj + Gustavsen.

Noah’s most recent project is TheDreamTalks®©. TheDreamTalks®© started in the Bronx, as a curriculum for students to help identify and provide the tools to contextualize their lives within their dreams. Working with Graj+Gustavsen Inc. to create an answer and solution to the new market Paradigm based in Purpose, TheDreamTalks®© has become a digital platform that transforms how consumer data profiles are interpreted, contextualized, and used; creating “Automated Positive Actions (A.P.A.)”