With over 25 years experience in the music industry, Rick Barker is looked upon as one of the industry’s best marketers and artist developers, having spent three years managing the day-to-day operations of superstar Taylor Swift. Rick Barker was given Big Machine’s new artist Taylor to help her better understand the business side of music. Rick become Taylor’s long time manager giving the artist direction and key insights on navigating the music business. Needless to say, she took Rick’s advice to heart. “He was the first one to ever say that to me and it sunk in,” Taylor said in an interview with Pollstar Magazine after celebrating her first Gold Album.  To date the superstar has  over 70 Million Facebook Fans and sold over 30 million albums and 80 million digital single downloads.



Barker’s impact on music extends to the industry’s record labels.  He was the first record promoter hired by Big Machine’s Scott Borchetta, where he had a role in the label’s first Number One record with singer-songwriter Jack Ingram.  Barker later went on to found his own marketing and consulting firm, at which his first client was Sony Music Nashville.


He is also the mastermind behind the Music Industry Blueprint, a development service now teaching artists from around the world everything they need to know about the complicated music business.  His marketing strategies have since been featured in a number of publications, including Billboard Magazine, Success Magazine and Pollstar.

Rick also co-authored The $150,000 Music Degree and launched SocialMediaForMusic.com