About the BIG Summit

Transforming Business, Entertainment and Education with Wearables & Virtual Reality

The Inaugural BIG Summit Miami  brings together audiences of visionaries, business titans, entrepreneurs, media, business, and community leaders to a day of game-changing BIG ideas and disruptive technologies for propelling business forward.

This January 20, Summit will feature keynote speaker Randi Zuckerberg (Facebook early executive), as well as Peter Rubin (Wired Magazine Senior Editor), Elizabeth Baron (Ford),  Alan McGlade (Forbes) and other noteworthy technology experts outlined in our Speakers section.

The outstanding lineup of global business leaders will discuss some of the most challenging and important issues of business, education, and entertainment in today’s ever-changing environment.  Attendees will gain insight into how best to utilize the rapidly advancing world of technology to gain a competitive edge.

The BIG Summit is about fostering the culture of innovation, cutting-edge technology, intellectual support, and helping attendees identify and access resources that will fuel each stage of their business and the engine for economic vitality.

The BIG Summit aims to be a catalyst for collaborating globally in new and innovative ways, enabling regions to evolve into globally recognized innovation hotspots where new ideas flourish.

One Business. One Spirit. One Win.